New updates available


  • Improve hdparm.conf creation. Write meaningful options only.
  • Fix email notification for mdadm and cron-apt
  • Improve WebGUI login authentication
  • Mantis 0000220: CRON-APT Email From is Wrong
  • Mantis 0000228: PHP upload_max_filesize setting prevents installing plugins over 2MB from web gui. Changed to 25M.

openmediavault-transmissionbt 0.2.3

  • Mantis 0000224: transmissionbt daily Cron

Please update your system via ‘System > Update Manager’ in the OpenMediaVault WebGUI.

If you got some strange error messages in the upgrade dialog (e.g. warnings about duplicate files or something with *.dpkg-new), then there was a problem with APT and conffiles. To solve the problem execute the following command in the CLI:

apt-get install --reinstall openmediavault