Package repository for 0.4 (Fedaykin) is up

The package repository for the new version 0.4, which is called Fedaykin, is up. All plugin developers should adapt their plugins to the new xmlstarlet package. You simply have to replace the following XML entities:

" to \"
&lt; to <
&gt; to >
&amp; to &

Have a look here or here for example.

To update an Omnius installation to Fedaykin you simply have to replace ‘omnius’ with ‘fedaykin’ in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/openmediavault.list. After that execute the following commands:

apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade

OpenMediaVault 0.3.x has a feature freeze and will only get bugfixes from now on. New features will be implemented in 0.4.x from today.

21 thoughts on “Package repository for 0.4 (Fedaykin) is up

  1. @norse

    Tried your howto. I´m just new to omv and the only result i get when trying your howto is “an error occured”. I do not know what the reasen for this could be and how to debug / log.

    Could you help me?

  2. While Fedaykin works fine, many of the plugins no longer operate properly. Understand that they need to be updated, but posting bugs on github seems to have no response.
    Is it possible to roll-back? Will anything bad happen?

    • You can downgrade without problems by modifying the /etc/apt/sources.d/openmediavault.list. Change ‘fedaykin’ to ‘omnius’ and make a apt-update; apt-distupgrade. You have to tell APT to do a downgrade, check the manual pages hwo to do that.

  3. @MacNB
    Now you can mix Fedaykin repo with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Server and maybe it works just fine.
    On Omnius you couldnt because code was for 2.6 kernel.
    Kernel v3.2 Awesome!!!
    Faster,better memory management etc.
    Thanks Volker!

    • The are no new features, only code has been adapted because the syntax of the xmlstarlet tool has been changed in its latest version. This was necessary to get OMV running on Debian Wheezy (inofficial).

  4. Sure – here you go; make sure to apt-get install hfsplus and hfsprogs first. Note that defaults, force is probably the better setting, I was experimenting and this didn’t really help (but I hadn’t bothered to change it back, apparently 😉

    root@vault:/var/www/openmediavault/rpc# diff
    “umsdos”, “vfat”, “ufs”, “reiserfs”, “btrfs”, “hfsplus”))) {
    > break;
    > case “hfsplus”:
    > $fsName = $fs->getUuid();
    > $opts = “force,rw,exec,auto,users,uid=501,gid=20”; // force,rw,exec,auto,users,uid=501,gid=100
    > //$opts = “defaults,force”; // $GLOBALS[‘OMV_FSTAB_MNTOPS_HFSPLUS’];

    Essentially, look for xfs in the source and insert hfsplus as needed. Note that I am just mounting HFS file systems created previously (several gigs of pre-existing mac partitions on the drives, and cleaning them up first would have been a significant time investment, so this was a better choice).

    • Thanks norse

      just one thing, is this only to read the hfs+?
      Volker mentioned that hfs+ is not posix (so no ACL?).
      Anyhow thanks for sharing cause i have a lot of apple hdd and this is lightyears quicker to get them in my omv machine.

      • My pleasure – I had the same prob (lots of hfsplus fs on my old disks that I’ll want to sort out at some point in the future). There are permissions issues (although I believe hfs+ supports the posix standard), some ids have different default values; I worked around it by simply modding everything to 777, as all I care about is access to copy the files to the future backup location. Also note that hfsplus fs creation etc are not supported, think of the patch as read-only 😉

  5. Finally! Some Kernel 3.xx Love!
    Thanks volker!
    I was holding back untill kernel 3 implementation or else i was thinking installing ubuntu server 12.04 and mix it with Omnius repo to see if i could use openmediavault excellent webgui with ubuntu lts 3.2 kernel.
    I see i wont be needing to do this in near future.
    Only one request SABnzbd+ Support plugin and am set. Or else i have to put 12.04 SABnzbd from ppa and hope it works ok.

  6. Cool – I actually got HFSPLUS volumes to work; the clue is to install hfsplus and hfsprogs via apt-get, then edit to allow for hfsplus as a filetype. The default mount options for hfsplus should be defaults,force. Happily sharing my old mac disks from the old machine/new NAS via AFP now 🙂

  7. HFS support – ich kann auf omv ohne probleme hfs volumes mounten (hfsprogs und hfsplus pacakges installieren, gdisk fuer die UUIS, Eintrag ins FSTab), aber OMV kann ich nicht beibringen, dass es die Verzeichnisse auch tatsaechlich gibt und dass sie geshared werden sollen… vielleicht hfsplus als zulaessigen filesystem typ im XML zulassen?

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