How to compile the iscsitarget kernel modules

The iscsi-target plugin is one of the first plugin implemented in for OMV. When starting with OMV Debian Lenny was used, but during the development OMV switched to Debian Squeeze. While testing the iscsi-target plugin i have to realize that there is no Debian package for the kernel modules anymore. As far as i remember in Lenny there was a package that could be installed from the package repository, but in Squeeze you have to compile it yourself. So all user that want to use the iscsi-target plugion must compile their modules first. But don’t be afraid, this is simple. Before installing the OMV iscsi-target plugin you should start the following command line on your console to compile the required iscsi_trgt.ko module:

apt-get install iscsitarget-dkms

That’s all.

26 thoughts on “How to compile the iscsitarget kernel modules

  1. Hello,

    Why not just make the iscsitarget-dkms package a dependency in the OMV iSCSI plugin’s control file? That should take care of this automatically.

  2. ich installiere dann mal 😀 😀 😀
    danke für das erste release! 🙂
    und einen schönen abend!

  3. Hi

    mal eine Zwischenfrage als Linuxneuling. Kommt OMV beim booten klar wenn kein Monitor und Tastatur dran hängt?


  4. Hi Volker,
    Thank you for releasing OMV. When I clicked on download link there is only has .tar.gz file no ISO. How do i create bootable usb or cdrom ? any Ideas ?? I am new for linux. Thank you for you help..


  5. Hi Volker,
    will OMV have the possibility to shut itself down automatically after an IDLE time.
    (I don’t mean to shutdown at a specific time, BUT AFTER an IDLE time).


      • Hi, thanks for the reply.
        Actually, I might need to keep it on also without clients (downloading files for example).
        Is there a way to monitor if OMV is IDLE and, in case, shutting it off?

  6. Any update on release date. You said last end of September!. Is this going to be released soon. Can we have a date please!!!!

  7. Hi,
    Will It be possible to install Squeezebox server (debian version)?

    Keep going the good work!!

    • You can install whatever you want. But i think there should be a plugin for Squeezebox soon because it seems there are many users out there using this.

  8. Volker,
    Is the code, architecture specific? Will it work on non-x86 CPUs? I ask tihs because I am running a DNS-323 NAS with a custom debian-arm install running well on it. My current management method is to SSH into the box but I would love to use a web ui from a mobile device instead.

    On a different note, I was hoping that one can eventually make deb packages and install it on any existing debian system (x86, arm, etc.)


    • The OMV code is platform independent, but OMV is designed as a complete product, no seperate installation via packages is supported or wished. It may work, but i will not publish this nor maintain such installations.

  9. Volker, have you thought about changing the iscsi Backend form iscsitarget to
    lio target. I installed backports kernel modules on debian squeeze and
    it works just fine although i haven’t done much further testing on that.



    • No, i will not waste my time with things i do not use myself. The current implementation is used as a howto, but any greater changes must be done by the community. I will only work on the framework and plugins i use personally after the release, the rest must be done by the community or you have to pay for plugins as optional solution.

  10. There is NO point in posting this nonsense, when the frontend doesn’t even exist to any user. This “project” should be pulled from sourceforge.

    • Do not waste time by replying to guys (or girls) like User, Volkert.
      I’m waiting for this project from day one and I’ll will until you see it fit to release it. And as you told us that it would be end of september the wait is almost over. Even if it’s not september but october or november, that doesn’t matter. Why? Because I cannot do this myself, I’m not skilled enough for that.
      And for those of you who think it takes too long, complain or nag, nobody is twisting your arm that you must use this software so feel free to use an alternative or make it yourself but stop with the stupid comments, demands en remarks. If you don’t like how it’s going, too bad.
      Make your own release (but somehowe I think that most, if not all, of these people don’t have the skills nessecary), nobody is forcing you to use this one.
      Volkert, thumbs up for you!

  11. See, now you are just teasing us 🙂

    I’m really hanging out for the first release. I’ve got a Microserver with 4x 2TB drives just waiting for a NAS solution to be loaded. Well, it’s got FreeNAS on it but I don’t want to start using it for real due to the difficulty of moving all that data. But I can’t wait much longer, the media center is out of disk as is my iMac and laptop.

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