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  1. Hallo
    Ich hoffe mir kann hier auch jemand in deutsch helfen:
    Kurz und knapp: Die Installation von openmediavault (CD mit dem Image openmediavault_0.5.0.24_i386.iso erstellt) schlägt mit dem Fehler:
    “das paket grub-pc konnte nicht in target installiert werden”
    fehl. Kann mir hier jemand sagen, wo das Problem liegt?
    Danke schon mal im Voraus

  2. Hi Volker! Love your product. Thanks. Just 2 questions:
    1. when i use smb/cifs sharing for files transfer and try to make new user or change any feature for exists user (note another user, not connected), sharing disconnect. why?
    2. when i change network card, how to recognize it on installed omv? it’s not seen automaticaly, i can recognize it while fresh installing proccess.
    ~sorry for my poor english.~

    • 1. Because the configuration for SMB/CIFS has been changed (e.g. privileges of user) and the service must be restarted.
      2. The new NIC should be listed in the WebGUI, there you can configure it then. A second solution (maybe the better one) is to use the CLI command omv-firstaid to reconfigure the network configuration.

  3. Dear Volker, I applaud your braveness in undertaking this huge NAS project; something Debian was really missing. However, for users coming from FreeNAS, the single-most looked after feature will be ZFS. No doubt, you will know that ZFS cannot be shipped with Linux, however the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) has made available a nice Linux kernel port. It would be nice, if OMV would also offer some plug-in/webinterface support to the users choosing this option. I personally, am coming from an Excito B2 microserver, a Debian-NAS which also offers a Dovecot IMAP server. I certainly also would like to suggest considering developing an IMAP server plug-in.

  4. Hi Volker ,

    Many thanks for your work

    I have a question
    I would like to now if it will be possible to create multipartition drives on Raid Volume or manage volumes like OpenFiler OS ?

    Thabk you for your work

  5. Hi Volker, I’m following your project with great interest. I think you have a winner here and I can’t wait to install the software on my HP Microserver. Does anyone know if OMV will run of a Flashdrive? (would me nice). Keep up the good work Volker! We appreciate your effort.

    • Just treat your flashdrive like a disk and anything that works from hard drive will just work.

      Like you, i’m using a HP Microserver and running the OS from a USB stick. I was initially worried about wearing out the drive with writes but after a few days reading various reports i decided it wasn’t a big concern, and even if the flashdrive fails in a year or two they’re extremely cheap and easy to replace. The only tweaking i did was to disable journalling on the flash drive and not use a swap partition (the server has 8GB of RAM).

      I tried various OSes like ClearOS, FreeNAS and OpenFiler and found them all wanting and, of course, OMV wasn’t available when i put the server together, so in the end i went with Debian Squeeze as i’ve been using Debian for years now.

      For those wanting ZFS, Debian Squeeze will be releasing with a version that uses the FreeBSD kernel, including ZFS support. So maybe after OMV is released someone will add code to get it to run on Debian Gnu/kFreeBSD. I’m not too bothered as i’m now happy with my RAID5 array running XFS.

  6. “if OMV will ever be released. Currently i’m not sure anymore that i will give such pain to me again after all that endless discussions i had in FreeNAS”

    Please volker don’t let one dickhead ruin everything, You have allot of people just sitting and admiring your work in freenas and “dying” to get there hands on OMV. We the majority don’t write in your forum ore make any questions/wishes. We just visit your site now and then and waiting.. because most of us noobs cant do a jack as with the code ore anything else we are soly exposed to your skills and we just give a #*#! of what darkbyte ore people like him/her are saying we are just jellus of any one that can make some ting like freenas/OMV and are dreaming of being able to do something (anything) that some body else would recognise and use.

    Please do continue, We the majority are passively and quietly waiting.

    • I think mattias that you can be more polite than this.
      I only point to volker the maturiry of the zfs-fuse port, because I think that his knowledge about the filesystem administration won’t be lost, and the great traction to the OMV that a migration path from FreeNAS would be. Nothing more, nothing less.
      I’m not aware about pass problems between volker and Freenas and I don’t want to refresh it here.
      And thanks to volker for pointing me to the Tecus Hardware (I don’t know it).

  7. Haha, this is incredible!
    Great work as always.

    However, i don’t know if i can handle more of this teasing anymore 😉

  8. will there also be an option to convert RAID5 to RAID6 via web interface? also with the grow option do you have to resize the filesystem after growing the raid array?

    • I will add some more features to the webgui, but not too much because manipulating the RAID requires really much time in reality. I think the CLI is much better for this than a WebGUI. As you may have noticed i refactored the whole storage management, now the RAID is completely auto detected, before the RAID config was stored internally which doesn’t allow modifying the RAID via CLI. Now you can do that and the WebGUI reflects these changes.

      The filesystem will be resized automatically if you grow the RAID via WebGUI. I plan to implement that feature this weekend.

  9. I know this is a difficult question, but what sort of facilities will exist for migrating a ZFS RAID5 from freeNAS to OMV?

      • You don’t take in account the zfs-fuse as a possibility for OMV ?
        This way a lot of actual FreeNas users can migrate seamesly to OMV.

        • zfs-fuse is ugly slow, so this is no good choice in my opinion. Why do you think you’d need ZFS? You can do everything with already existing tools. Snapshots can be done with LVM. OK, ZFS is a one-in-all filesystem, but hey, i did not think you need all the features ZFS has as private home user. And if you want to use ZFS, then OpenSolaris or FreeBSD is the better choice.

          • I get 45Mb/s read 25Mb/s write in a virtualized server with ZFS-fuse using virtio drivers to access physical disks in a RAIDz config
            For me as a home user, the end-to-end checksum and auto-healing it’s the only reason to use ZFS.
            In a KVM environment I can’t virtualize Opensolaris and access my drives (no drivers, scsi and virtio), and for FreeBSD, their zfs it’s to old to import my actual zfs-fuse pool (12Tb).

            • The ZFS discussion for OMV has been finished, it will not be included from my side. Maybe you’re the one who will write the plugin for the community if OMV will ever be released. Currently i’m not sure anymore that i will give such pain to me again after all that endless discussions i had in FreeNAS, which finally ruins my nerves.
              It seems to me that OMV will not fit your requirements as a power user, maybe this is more interesting to you: http://www.thecus.com/product.php?PROD_ID=14

  10. I’m patiently waiting for something to replace the two choices. The others (Openfiler and FreeNas) are cool for being free at least but there is so much space for a Debian alternative.
    So, thank you in advance for your efforts Volker. I’m looking forward to what you bring to the table and hope to be able to bring you positive or at least constructive feedback.
    Ok I’ll confess, I’m just dying to try out your solution, and its partly because of your approach to things like the storage management design.
    I really hope you have a Donate option available when you do release.
    Thanks for the updates. We appreciate knowing the project is still moving forward.

    If you want a tester in a home file share environment, perhaps even iSCSI, then add me to the list of interested people.

    Keep it up and keep smiling.

    The Frog.

  11. Hi Volker,

    Question, i noticed that under services there is no Iscsi service is OMV want include iscsi in release version?

  12. Volker, this looks just great, and as far as I can tell OMV seems to be somehow complete.
    Don’t you think it’s time to publish the code and the repo so others can join in development?

    I remember OS philosophy to read “publish early and frequent”, and in the forum several have announced to happily become a beta tester or to help out with documentation and translation. So would I, and many a bug should be found more likely if more eyes look for them 😀

  13. Hello,

    this project looks very promising, but i have one question:
    Will there be no AFP-Support? I couldn’t see it in the Services-panel.

    AFP-Support is crucial for OSX-users, since TimeMachine doesn’t work with SMB or NFS – Shares.

    best regards,

    • @superman:
      Please read Volkers answer two post above.

      Btw, it’s possible to run TimeMachine with net drives using SMB.

  14. I’m not asking for a release date, I know that “it will be released when it’s done”, but can we know which parts of OMV are still incomplete? thanks

    • – I have to cleanup the code a little bit
      – The plugins must be adapted to the latest code changes
      – AFP and NUT plugins must be implemented
      – There are some more issued on my todo list at home…
      – Everything must be tested
      – OMV must survive the first real test as storage backend for my HTPC

  15. Linux software RAID is easy to set up and use on the command-line interface. Some of the attempts to make a GUI have failed horribly in the past (I’m looking at you, Openfiler). Your web interface from the video appears to be good.

    Returning to normal after a drive failure/dropout is something that no GUI works to accomplish. When I have looked the details of this on the command-line, it has appeared to be a task that experienced users often fail to complete successfully.

    It is good to see that your OMV project continues.

      • Does this mean that the stable release of BTRFS that is included in the kernel in squeeze is also included in OMV?
        Without ZFS or BTRFS I don’t believe that OMV can stan.d up to the rather fierce competition. How bad is the write-hole-issue in raid5 currently? Do you know of any other filesystem with copy-on-write?

        I have so far tested the following without finding a decent option for a NAS:

        Debian (actually best so far, kinda tied with Ubuntu)

        and am looking forward to your entry to the segment. I haven’t yet tried Windows Home Server or the server OS by Apple. I am not trying to come across as experienced. The point I am trying to make is that there is a shitload of competition, none of which can can use a copy-on-write fs whilst still be able to expand upon an existing array.

  16. Hallo Volker,

    schön zu sehen, dass es weiter geht – und dann auch noch mit solch tollen Kostproben!

    Hier (http://sourceforge.net/apps/phpbb/openmediavault/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=66#p262) haben Sie geschrieben, dass Sie die erste zu veröffentliche Version um ein paar Funktionen “erleichtern” möchten, da sie nicht alles auf einmal schaffen. Beinhaltet dies auch die iSCSI-Target-Funktionalität? Denn in diesem neuen Video finde ich leider unter “Services” kein iSCSI-Target mehr… 🙁

    Viele Grüße und weiterhin gutes Gelingen an der Software des Jahrtausends!


    • Das iSCSI-Plugin war nur nicht installiert, deshalb war es nicht zu sehen. Das Plugin an sich ist schon fertig, muss jetzt nur nochmal getestet werden nach all den Umbauaktionen.

  17. I noticed a translation that wasn’t quite right:
    on the dialog that warns you about formatting the disk, instead of:
    “Do you really want to format this device? The whole data will be lost.”
    It would read better if it was:
    “Do you really want to format this device? All of the data on it will be lost.”

  18. Can’t wait to try out! Keep up the good work!

    Is there any option to shutdown OMV on idle or if no PCs in the network are available?

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