New plugin – ownCloud

Finally ownCloud can be installed via plugin in OpenMediaVault. Currently it is in beta status, thus any tips, bugfixes or other suggestions are welcome to improve the ownCloud plugin.

After installation the ownCloud GUI is available via http(s):// Note, if you access the ownCloud GUI the first time you’re automatically logged in as ‘admin’. The default password is set to ‘openmediavault’.


  1. I’m using the MYSQL plugin for OMV, and would therefore like to use MYSQL instead of SQLite. I have tried to disable owncloud in OMV and then change some parameters in /var/www/owncloud/config/config.php to

    ‘dbtype’ => ‘mysql’,
    ‘dbname’ => ‘owncloud’,
    ‘dbuser’ => ‘owncloud’,
    ‘dbpassword’ => ‘owncloud’,
    ‘dbhost’ =>,
    ‘dbtableprefix’ => ‘oc_’,

    I have created the user owncloud with the password manually, and granted access to all DB in MYSQL, buth each time I enable Owncloud in OMV my parameters is being replaced with the SQLite parameters.

    How do I use MQSYL instaed og SQLite?

  2. Manu

    All seems good but:
    No authentification with Owncloud client and Webdav: Credentials error.
    Sabre_DAV_Exception_NotAuthenticatedNo basic authentication headers were found1.7.6

    • Geert-Jan

      I have the same problem. Can’t login via the desktop application/android application.

      Next to that, i can’t see my (via gui set-up) shared folders, and if i change something in the OMV gui, the users reset (my extra created user in ownCloud is gone)…

      I like that you added it as a plugin, but i think it needs some work. Good progress though! :)

  3. Sodden

    Hi, thanks for making this official.

    I’ve used the owncloud script before and I think an option to link the user home directory to owncloud would be nice. This would be easier if we where able to manage owncloud users via the normal user tab in OMV nut thats pretty tricky.

  4. Eric Pritchett

    This is great! How do I add a directory to ownCloud though? It doesn’t seem very straight forward. Do I have to enable the external storage plugin?

        • volker

          The data directory contains all files created by ownCloud, including shared folders created in ownCloud. The OMV shared folders are included as external storage in ownCloud. Using OMV’s shared folders in ownCloud allows you to share existing data that is already shared via SMB or FTP. If you want to write into this shares you have to add the users to the ‘openmediavault’ group. The privileges concept of OMV and ownCloud does not match 100%, thus you have to do this workaround.

          • Horst

            Hello Volker,

            which permission mask is recommended for the ownCloud data directory and who should be the owner and group?

            I got the following error:

            “Can’t create data directory (path to directory)

            This can usually be fixed by giving the webserver write access to the root directory.”

            Best Reguards,


          • Could you expand on this a bit?
            I have a smb share called Data. I can also create a smb share called owncloud. I don’t really care where my cloud files care kept, can be in a subfolder in Data (/data/owncloud) or can be in a new smb share called owncloud.

            So what would my data directory be?
            Do I need to make a shared folder? I want this to work like a dropbox folder – one folder that contains all the files which are synced via the cloud.

            btw – I’ve been unable to receive a forum registration email (not a spam problem on my end)

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